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Chambers of Commerce was started to be established with the instructions of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who was the founder of Young Turkish Republic which was prepared for Industrial Revolution with the proclamation of the republic on the point of constitution of the pilot regions at first. At that time, there was also Malatya among these pilot regions and prominent merchants were convinced of being entitled of the Chamber.

In respect of 1928, Chamber registration was started to be amended again with the alphabet revolution and merchants began works regarding the chamber again. As the industry concept was not much known yet, the function of the chamber was a bit different. For example, the surety of the Chamber had a great importance in Debt contracting.

In respect of 1938, a small room on the ground floor of the City Hall which was the first reinforced concrete building of Malatya was given to be used. Then, the Chamber was relocated in two-storey building behind the City Hall.

 Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malatya trying to give service to Malatya with approximately 7 thousands members today experiences the happiness of keeping its adventure, embarked on with its 30 members, successfully 77 years later.  Establishment of Chamber of Commerce in Malatya which was one of the pilot regions constituted in accordance with the instructions of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Young Turkish Republic, for the progress of the country by considering the importance of the Industry was greeted with joy. Craftsmen of Malatya knowing the experience of Ahi yan Külliye stemming from the Ottoman and drumming Ahilik culture into their brains deeply  internalized this new formation strongly and the craftsmen in the inner city began to register one by one.                                                                                                             

In respect of 1929, Mehmet Faik Efendi from Atmalı zade that was one of the prominent merchants of Malatya became the first president of the chamber. However, they were trying to carry out this task in their working place for awhile because of not having a place. 30 members who were affiliated at the first stage increased their numbers to 46 soon after, and then, these numbers were increasing by pushing the limits of thousands.

Atmalı zade Mehmet Faik Efendi carried on this task solely for approximately three years, then again, assigned to Şevket Önpazarbaşı from Pazarcıbaşı that was one of the well-known notables of Malatya. In respect of 1938, the following lines related to Chamber of Commerce were written among the remaining memories of 12-year-old Abdulhadi Çekirdek from that time;

“That’s to say; I was only just 12 years old in 1938. We had greeted Atatürk by going to the railway in 1937. Then, we went direct-to-city on foot. Chamber of Commerce was in the small room which was on the right side of the entrance of the City Hall at that time. The first reinforced concrete building of Malatya was the City Hall. In that period, the Government Office was in the Saray Neighborhood. There was Pazarbaşı, and next, Taşangil at the head of the Chamber of Commerce. Taşangil was an imposing-looking man and a good craftsman. There were really good merchants in Malatya at that time. For example, Turfandagiller, Bitlisler, Mehmet Kığılı was among the unforgettable craftsmen. Önpazarcıbaşı was occupied with shoe-making. At his remaining times, he tried to follow the activities regarding the Chamber closely. There were a good many of craftsmen. So far as I know, the ones who registered in the Chamber in the merchant market were many. By the way, the Ottoman bank was in the company building in that period. In 1935, The Germans came to Malatya and took decision of constructing a very large road with the instructions of İnönü. They would construct 60-metered-width-road from the station to the end of Çöşnük but Malatya rose up and didn’t give in. Afterwards, they constructed 10-15-metered-road. I guess, one understands what the men mean better now. There was the Çuhadar. The Çuhadar were called the king of apricot. In that period, the apricot was invaluable. I guess, it was again 1932, I was a child. I can’t remember but they say. An electricity company was established in the place of Plantation of today’s Tecde. The merchants became partners of the company. They say, the chamber attracted many partners at the time.”

Years passed from that day to this. From that day to this, exactly 13 President, one more precious than the other, served to Malatya. All contributed significantly to Chamber of Commerce and Industry to come to these days without a doubt. Today, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malatya experiences the pride of being at the same age with our Republic with its thousands of members, founded Industrial Plants, growing penetration.

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