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In conjunction with Proclamation of the Republic, with instructions of Mr. Kemal Ataturk, founder of young Republic of Turkey whom was ready for Industrial Revolution, initially it was started to found Trade Chambers in pilot regions.  During that period, Malatya was also among these pilot regions and leading merchants were being persuaded to be registered in the Chamber of Commerce.

When it came to 1928, in common with alphabet reform, registrars of the chamber were begun to make out again and merchants began to work through interested in the chamber. At those times, due to the fact that concept of industry was not sufficiently known; on the other hand function the chamber was discrepant. For instance, surety of the camber became more of an issue on the debt contracting.   


When it comes to 1938, a small room right in front of reinforced concrete municipal building was granted to the Chamber be used.   İn the wake of it, the chamber moved to duplex building behind the municipality.

Today, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malatya which contends the chamber which departed the journey with 30 members together, with 7 thousand members is being proud of bringing off 77 years later. Taking importance of the industry into consideration in the manner of development of country establishment of the chamber in Malatya among pilot regions was appreciated in accordance with the instructions of Mustapha Kamal Ataturk, founder of Republic of Turkey.


Merchants situated in the city whom were acquainted with experiences of social complex of Ahi community in Ottoman deeply engraved culture of Ahi in the brains and rigidly embraced this new and started to register to the Chamber. 


When it comes to 1929, Mehmet Faik Efendi from Atmalizade family became the first president of the Chamber but he endeavored to carry out this duty in any Office for a while. 30 members of the chamber at the first stage shot up to 46 people and then this figure shot up thousands.


Atmalizade Mehmet Faik Efendi carried out this duty for three years then  he transferred the duty to Sevket Ozpazarbasi from Pazarcibasis. Abdulhadi Cekirdekci who was 12 years old in 1938 wrote abot the Chamber of Commerce in his memorandum such as; “     It means that i was only 12 years old in 1938, we had welcomed Ataturk in 1937. Then, we came to the city center by walking. The Chamber of Commerce was in a small room on the right of threshold gate of municipality building. The first reinforced concrete building of Malatya was municipality building. During that period, the Government Office was in Saray quarter. Pazarbasi and then Tasangil managed the Chamber of Commerce.  Mr. Tasangil was an imposing-looking man and a good Merchant.  There were really good merchants. For example, Turfandagil, Bitlis, Mehmet Kighili are unforgettable merchants. Ozpazarbasi was manufaturing and dealing shoe-trade. In letf time, he would try to follow the affairs with regard to he chamber. There were a lot of merchants in the chamber. There were many people in the Merchant market registered to the Chamber that as muchas i know. By the way, i say that Ottoman Bank was in Shirkat Han. In 1935, Germans came to Malatya and decided to build a large street of 60 meters from Station to Cosnuk (Choshnuk). Malatya’s People uprose and rebelled with claims and did not permit. Then they had to built a street in lenght of 19-15 meters. Now i understand  the Germans.  There were Chuhadars. Chuhadars were called kings of Apricots. During that time, Apricots were very valuable. I was a child I suppose that it was in 1932. it was said that power plant of electricity was built in sapling field of today.  The merchants became partner of the company. There was a rumor on that the chamber had collected a huge amount of partner.


Many years passed trough from that day to the present.   Valuable president served for Malatya for exactly 13 years. All the agents significantly contributed to Chamber of Industry and Commerce in order to reach today. Today Malatya Chamber of Commerce is proud to be as old as  the Republic.with thousands of members, founded Industrial Facility and  the population  growth


Our Presidents between 1929 - 2010


Mehmet Faik Atmalizade


Sevket Ozpazarbasi


A.Kadir Tasangil     


İbrahim Turfanda    


Sabri Giray


Hasan Cuhaci 


H.Ziya Ozkan


Mehmet Aksoğan


Gazi Kabasakal


Yasar Hanlioğlu


H.Ziya Ozkan


Abdurrahman Yavuz


M.Mucahit Findikli


Hasan H.  Erkoc



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