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Corporate Values

Our Mission

·         Our chamber which serves within the frame of legislation no: 5174 of Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges serving for its members has been established in order to supply qualified services has been training its personals, regulating every kind of document and certificate and providing accurate reports for the members, contributing them to find new markets and fort hem to be institutionalized.

·         By these reasons, Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to bring its institutional effectiveness and respectability in the foreground with an understanding of creative and innovative management, to increase satisfaction of members, national and international competitiveness and make a service for public by understanding public requirements.

Our Vission

·         Complying with accreditation requirements, to become an institution aiming to enhance and strengthen the institutional structure, the employees, the members, the at 100% satisfaction of stakeholders.

·         To become a chamber owning a social responsibility by providing training and consultancy services and wide spreading them in order to contribute to the development of our city.

·         To turn into an institution creating a difference for other parts of our society with our staff and members and become a leading region wide to create added value.


Our Philosophy

·         To adopt understanding of service focused on high satisfaction of member.

·         Our services; comply to reliability, accountability, accessibility, impartiality, transparency and confidentiality, etc.

·         To keep understanding of social responsibility in the forefront.

·         Operate comply with regulations and specifications of ISO 9001:2008 and accreditations.

·         Is  predicated on respecting its own body, members and environment

·         Starting from members, to work for the society and create conscious members.

·         To carry out objectives, policy and their activities within the frame of a strategic plan and cooperate with all stakeholders together in this direction.

Chairman's Message


Malatya Kadın Girişimciler Kurulu

Women Entrepreneurs

Malatya Genç Girişimciler Kurulu

Young Entrepreneurs

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